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10657 Hardin Valley Road Knoxville, TN 37932


Knoxville Bicycle Company is owned by Myron Price. His story is like a lot of ours. His first bike was a 1967 Schwinn Girls Purple Stingray with a purple glitter banana seat when he was eight years old. As a poor kid in Orlando, the bike was an incredible gift given to him by a neighbor. He rode the bike everywhere and, at the age of nine, started what would become the genesis of Knoxville Bicycle Company when he took apart the bike only to put it back together.

As the story goes, he says there were piles and piles of frames and parts all over his front yard. Irritated but supportive, Myron’s dad never made him clean up the mess or get rid of it all. This began Myron’s love and passion to see how bikes worked, learn how to fix them, and ride them everywhere.

That’s why Knoxville Bicycle Company exists: to help breed that passion in kids, to fix bikes for those who need it, and to help Knoxville ride their bikes everywhere.

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