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Orbea Orca Aero

Chase small improvements in every aspect of your riding, but don’t overlook the massive advantage offered by Orca Aero. A bike that doesn’t just cheat the wind but openly defies it – an ode to efficiency and stiffness that relishes the assault of a 1700 watt finish – Orca Aero is the perfect accomplice for riders who aspire to become more familiar with the podium. Do battle off the front while others hide in the wheels, vanquished. Take pulls. Love the gutter. Find unknown strength in a machine designed for glory and hoard it for that single moment when you seize your opportunity. Marginal gains are for those playing the long game – Orca Aero would rather take the win today.

Scott Foil

The later you brake the longer you can keep your speed. We gain speed and performance not only with aerodynamics and increased power output but also with braking performance. The lines you take, the trust in your bike and management of your speed gives you a new way of winning seconds and possibility to decide a race. The Foil disc gives you the trust in your bike to carry your speed until the last possible moment in every condition.

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