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Myron Price named PBMA Mechanic of the Week

Knoxville Bicycle Company owner Myron Price has been named Bike Mechanic of the Week by the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Associate for the week on January 9, 2017. Below is an excerpt of their article:

Myron has been working professionally as a bicycle mechanic for over 25 years. He began his career in Florida, where he worked first as a line mechanic and then as a service manager. When Myron’s wife accepted a job in eastern Tennessee, the family moved to the Knoxville area, where Myron took up the role of Chief Mechanic at Knoxville Bicycle Company. By 2016, Myron was in a position to take ownership of the company, and he has transitioned seamlessly into his new role.


Myron specializes in mountain bikes and suspension technology, but his shop maintains a high volume of road bike sales and service as well. His friends and customers, who nominated him to be featured this week, describe Myron as “a stickler about details” and “the consummate bicycle mechanic.” They also shared with us that Myron is committed to growing the bicycle mechanics profession and “paying it forward.” To further those goals, Myron was one of the first people to sign up as a full Mechanic Member of the PBMA. We are honored to have his support and proud to feature him today. We hope that Myron will display his new Mechanic of the Week certificate and custom Stu Stuck as proudly as he displays his PBMA membership plaque!

To read the entire article, click here.

Congratulations to Myron! If your bike needs any work on it to start off 2017, come in to the shop and let Myron take a look at it and fix you up right.

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