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This weekend saw two of team KBC’s usual suspects compete in Ironman Chattanooga. Stephen Barto and Steve Dittner aka Steve Squared, took their KBC prepared Orbea Ordus┬áto Chattanooga for the Ironman event on Sunday the 24th.

The Chattanooga Ironman event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 116 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run for a total of 144.6 miles, just slightly more than the typical 140.6. Both athletes completed the course within the maximum allowed time cutoff of 16.5 hours. Barto crushed his previous year’s time with an 11:33 finish, 21st for his age group. In his first Ironman event, Dittner cruised home 30 minutes later with a 12:04, 33rd in the same age group.

The swim in Chattanooga is a fast downstream so they lined up with 2500 other competitors and began at approximately 8am. An hour later and the real challenge began with a two loop lollipop bike course through Georgia just south of Chattanooga where Barto turned in an impressive 5:38 with Dittner close behind at 5:58.

The run was a double through the streets, Greenways, hills and parks of downtown Chattanooga ending at the riverfront to crowds of spectators and Mike Reilly calling out the athletes name saying “You are an Ironman!!!” as they crossed the finish line.

Congratulations to these to Ironmen for their efforts and great finishes!

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